Monday, June 24, 2019


FIA Replace Stewards With Magic 8 Ball

Bowing to fan backlash, the FIA will replace the Formula 1 stewards with a $14.99 Magic 8 Ball for this weekend’s French...

Spice Girls Unveil New Member ‘Old Spice’

After the success of their Spice World Tour, the Sice Girls have unveilled a brand new member - Old Spice.

Paul Ricard More Pac-Man Maze Than F1 Circuit

Be it the luxurious Monte Carlo streets or the rich forestry in Spielberg Austria, Formula One races on the most stunning and...

F.I.A Hire Witness Protection For Stewards

Following their controversial decision to hand Sebastian Vettel a 5-Second Time Penalty during the Canadian GP, the F.I.A Stewards have been put...

Montreal Track Dirtier Than Renault’s #CrashGate Tactics

There I was, watching a blockbuster FP1 of the Canadian GP when I couldn’t help but notice the circuit track was unfathomably...