Sergio Perez (Left) with his replacement at Racing Point, Sergio Stroll (Right. We think.) Image © Formula 1

Racing Point F1 Team has today announced a change to their driver lineup, with newly unveiled Canadian Sergio Stroll set to replace Sergio Perez.

The Driver Formerly Known as Perez has denied suggestions from reporters the move was done to appease new team owner Lawrence Stroll, after he handed son Lance a seat in his newly acquired team.

“I don’t want people to cynically read too much into this” the new Canadian noted.

“It was 100% my idea to agree with Lawrence’s suggestion”

“I’m absolutely not worried about family favouritism, anymore” said Sergio.

Sergio was also quick to dismiss suggestions he is forgetting his Mexican heritage.

“Don’t be fooled by my former surname, I’m a full blooded Canadian! I’m as Canadian as tequila and mariachi music”

Although he was quick to point out he won’t actually be visiting Canada.

“You have to draw the line somewhere”

The team have lodged official driver lineup change documentation with the FIA confirmed Team Manager Otmar Stroll, another to change his name.

“Szafnauer is really hard to spell” he said.

New Team Owner Lawrence Stroll is happy with the changes.

“We came in to do a rebrand, and we’ve done it – everyone in our organisation is now called Stroll!” said Stroll.

Stroll said Stroll and Stroll will also move in together in yet another sign of team unity.

“Lance gets first pick of the bunk bed” said Stroll, “and Sergio gets the first pick of the remaining bed”

“Shotgun top!” yelled Lance

More details as they come to hand.


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