William’s Driver George Russell holding firm as engineers attempt to force him into the car. Image © George Russell/Twitter

Desperate Williams engineers have been forced to use headbands and ropes in a bid to force reluctant driver George Russell into the car for testing.

Russell, last year’s F2 Champion has barricaded himself in the gym and is holding on for dear life, refusing to move an inch as engineers attempt to free him from the seat he had strapped himself into.

The siege is now entering its 4th week.

“You couldn’t pay me to drive that thing!” screamed Russell, CLAWING AT HIS ENGINEER’S FACE.

Despite being told repeatedly he is being paid to drive that thing, Russell is showing no signs of budging, and was heard screaming “But I don’t want to!” and  “Do I have to?”

“It’s not that bad” offered Chief Technical Officer Paddy Lowe. “You’ll get used to it”

“I wouldn’t drive that car if it was the last car in the championship!” yelled Russell.

Despite again being told it was the last car in the championship, Russell was insistent, and suggested he wasn’t alone.

“Lance Stroll hated driving the thing so much he asked his Dad to buy him a $117 million dollar team so he didn’t have to” said Russell

“I don’t blame him” said Stroll “The best part of not driving for Williams anymore is not having to drive the Williams”

Deputy Team Principal Claire Williams is pulling no punches however, threatening Russell with significant punishment if he refuses to cooperate.

“We’ve told George if he doesn’t get in and drive this car right now, then we’ll definitely sign him on a long term 5 year contract” Williams said.

Engineers are also using the same tactics to coax senior driver Robert Kubica, reportedly tearing his left arm off the bone and shattering his wrist in a bid to drag him kicking and screaming into the FW41.


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