Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner pictured above on a visual representation of Honda engine’s power. Image © Christian Horner/Instagram

With a few months to go until the start of the new season, Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner has given us a visual indication of his team’s new Honda engine’s power, posing atop a single horse.

“I’m just getting a feel for what we’ll be using in 2019”

Horner made the comments on his high horse, a position he’ll remain all season.

“Every year I chose an animal to best represent my team’s engine” Horner said. “Last year’s donkey broke down in the paddock over there”

The Team Principal was out for a solo ride after driver Max Verstappen refused an invitation.

“I said to Max how about spending the week just the two of us alone in the wildnerness, and he wrote back ‘I only have to do 2 days of community service’”

When asked if he rides with a helmet, Horner replied “he’s busy, apparently”

Horner is enjoying working with the Honda engineers ahead of the 2019 season.

“They’re great to work with, and my Japanese is rapidly improving!”

“I can say two full phrases, ‘それはオーストラリアに間に合うでしょうか?’, which means ‘Will that be fixed in time for Australia?’ and ‘何故なの?’, which means ‘Why not?’”

The season starts in Australia in March.


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