McLaren's 2050 Racing Concept
McLaren’s 2050 racing concept to be driven by Carlos Sainz Junior Junior. Image © McLaren

McLaren have officially stopped development on its 2019 car and instead devoted 100% of its efforts to an imaginary 2050 race car that’ll never see the light of day.

“We give up” concedes Zak Brown, “Mercedes have got the next three decades pretty much won already”

“So rather than invest significant energy and resources into 2019, we watched Tron and made a cool screensaver.”

Designed at the McLaren Technology Centre the concept is a study in the future of racing and a “nice distraction from our sh*thouse form”

“We’re looking to solve the problems of tomorrow – not literally tomorrow, we can’t fix those real problems.”

Asked why the team picked a date so far off in the future, Brown replied:

“We might be competitive by 2050”

“A lot of teams are working on 2019, 2020” said Brown, “we’re getting the jump start on 2050”

The team faced significant engineering challenges in designing the concept.

“Windows Vista crashed” said the Head of Technical Engineering. “we had to do a reboot and wait for 10 seconds”.

“Also we had to develop computer modelling that suggested a McLaren could be fast. That took a long time”

The car features an electric motor, an Artificial Intelligence co-pilot and self-healing tyres.

“If only McLaren could develop a self-healing engine or gearbox“ said former driver Stoffel Vandoorne, banging on the doors of the MTC.

The concept also features coloured lights to represent driver emotions at McLaren, from pissed off to f**king furious all the way to Fernando Alonso.


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