Four time champion Vettel (Left) has been slammed by zero time champion Irvine (Right). Image © Zak Mauger/LAT Images/Alamy Stock Photo

Sebastian Vettel has been slammed as “massively overrated” by former Ferrari, Jaguar and Jordan driver Eddie Irvine, a man who doesn’t even watch the sport anymore.

“He’s a one trick pony” said Irvine.

Irvine, a zero-time World Champion unloaded on the German, a four time World Champion, in an interview with BBC Sport.

“Fine, he’s a four-trick pony” Irvine conceded, “But so am I – I won four races!”

“I think Vettel is good when he’s at the front in a powerful car in good form on a track he does well at” said Irvine.

Vettel was said to be inconsolable on hearing the news of Irvine’s criticism.

“Who?” the German asked, “Never heard of him”

Irvine’s remarks are even more remarkable given Irvine himself admitted he “doesn’t watch” Formula 1 these days.

“Still, you don’t have to watch the sport to see the obvious. Vettel’s overrated”

Irvine admitted that he does still watch some Formula 1 races from time to time.

“I love watching highlights of the 1999 season on F1TV, in particular Rounds 1,9,10 and 15”

Irvine longs for the days of yesteryear, where driver mistakes were met with greater punishments, telling BBC Sport:

“In the 1950s you got killed if you make a mistake, the 60s you could get killed, the 70s you hurt yourself most of the time.”

“These days the only thing that happens is an ex driver slags you off in an online interview” Irvine told the BBC in an online interview.


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