Max Verstappen Yacht
Image © David Davies/PA Images/Alamy Stock Photo and Tripoetic

Max Verstappen continues to serve his community service punishment this week, with the Dutchman forced to attend a private cocktail party aboard a charter yacht in the Amalfi coast.

“I’ve learnt my lesson” Verstappen said, sipping on a 1998 Veuve Clicquot

Having recently served part of his punishment at the Marrakesh E-Prix, Verstappen this week had to endure a 7 day Mediterranean cruise, accompanied only by European billionaires and Spanish bikini models.

Conditions aboard the miserly 90-foot super yacht are said to be almost unliveable.

“The champagne was flat” said the Dutchman.

“And they only had the ‘59 Dom Pérignon, not the ‘58. I mean only pushed Esteban, this is so unfair!”

Forced to survive on nothing but truffles and white caviar, Verstappen brushed off suggestions the punishment did not fit the crime.

“Absolutely I’m remorseful” said Max leading a conga line around the front deck, “but I reckon four more weeks and I’ll be even more remorseful”

“What better way to serve the community than by steering well clear of it”

“This is a line in the sand for me” said the Red Bull driver, pointing to a line he drew in the sand of the Marina di Vietri beach in Salerno.

Verstappen is keen to put his punishment behind him and get back out on track.

“My focus is now squarely on the new season” said Verstappen, climbing atop the human pyramid of models.

An FIA spokesperson believes this is a turning point for the Red Bull driver.

“Hopefully he’s learnt his lesson”

“That if he ever displays that kind of violence and aggression again he will be pampered and treated like a king”


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