Geri Horner Red Bull Wings
Geri Horner (left) has penned a charity single to raise funds for Red Bull’s new front wings (right). Image © BBC One and Mark Sutton/Sutton Images/Motorsport Images/Alamy Stock Photo

Unlike Geldof in 84’, who wanted to feed the world, or MJ in 92’, who wanted to heal it, former Spice Girl Geri Horner wants to pay for the Red Bull RB15’s new Front Aero Package, and will release her very own charity single to do so.

The developing story comes after recent comments from Red Bull Team Advisor and one-time Bond villain, Dr Helmut Marko, who claims the new Front Wing Regulations are have taken a drastic financial toll on the team based out Milton Keynes.

“We are 15 million euro poorer…” said Dr Marko, with a twitch of the eye that indicate the Austrian born Doctor of Law had registered an emotion.

The owner of multiple luxury hotels in the Austrian city of Graz, believes the new front wing regulations are hurting “us little teams.”

It is believed that Team Principal Christian Horner, who famously married the then Geri Halliwell in 2015, first approached Red Bull executives with the fundraising idea.

“If Geri sings at her best, there’s no one better, and that’s exciting for us as a team.”

The former Ginger Spice has declined to make any comment on her upcoming project, however is rumoured to be working some of the day and some of the night on what will surely be her greatest piece of solo work since her 2001 cover of ‘It’s Raining Men’ by the Weather Sisters.

“You Are The Wind Beneath And Over The Top Of My Front Wings” will be available in February.


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