F1 Wedding Toro Rosso Launch
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A devastated groom has realised he’s accidentally booked his wedding day on the same day as the Toro Rosso 2019 season launch.

“I’m such an idiot” the groom cried.

“This is supposed to be the happiest time of my life”

“Instead I’ll be spending it marrying my fiance in front of our family and friends” he said, tears streaming down his face.

“I just want to be with the love of my life – Franz Tost”

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, realised the error as he was sending out his invitations.

“I was sending out ‘save the date’ cards for the Toro Rosso launch, when my fiance pointed out it was the same day as our wedding” the man said, pounding the table in rage.  

“If it had been the Ferrari or the Mercedes launch, then there’d be no problem.”

“But this is the STR14!”

Choking back tears, the man revealed he picked the mid-February date to avoid the clash.

“I thought I’d be safe with February 11, last year they didn’t launch for two weeks after that!”

When asked to choose between the love of his life and his soon to be wife, the man made it pretty clear.

“Toro Rosso always comes first” he said.

“Not literally of course. They did once, in Monza in the rain”

But eventually the couple reached a compromise.

“I’ll watch it during the honeymoon” he revealed.

“Nothing gets me more fired up than the slow firing up of a Honda power unit”

The service is set to be a full Toro Rosso themed affair.

“Brendon Hartley’s the best man!”

“Well, I say ‘best’, technically he’s the 19th best man. Everyone else is at the launch”

In better news for the man, he recently announced on Instagram that the couple were expecting their first child, a boy, and have already decided on a name.  

“We were going to go with Daniil, but then I went off the idea. Then one day I was like, actually yeah, let’s go with Daniil!”

“But then I changed my mind again. Until last year, when I announced the name – Daniil!”

When asked how his fiancee was coping with the changes, the groom to be responded positively.

“She’s taken it well. She’s taken everything as well, my car, all her clothes, everything”

We reached out to the bride to be for a response.

So did the groom.


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