Rolex 24 Hours
Devastating scenes. Image © Shuttershock Stock Images/Twitter/Rolex24Hours

A local motorsport fan has been forced to retire his Rolox after it broke down 15 hours into the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona.  

“I’m in shock”

“How does this happen? I bought it off a bloke on the side of the road in Bali, it’s meant to last a lifetime!”

The Rolox, bought for $24.99 in Kuta froze whilst the fan was watching Fernando Alonso at the International Motor Sports Association event.

“I only bought it last week!” the man said.

The man who does not wish to be identified, described the incident.

“One minute it was working, and then the next minute, or however long it was because my watch wasn’t working, my watch stopped working!”

When asked what time the watch broke down, the man replied

“I dunno the time, my watch is broken!”

Seconds later.

“Oh hang on, it’s stopped at 12:05, so uhh, yeah, 12:05. I think.”

The local man was even more heartbroken when he realised the watch wasn’t under warranty.

“But it did come with a certificate of inauthenticity”

A cunning copy, the fake watch is only identified by it’s incorrectly spelt brand name, differently coloured logo, differently shaped hands, numbers, bands and face and the inscription “FAKE” on the back of the timepiece.

“I showed it to like three of my mates, and they couldn’t tell the difference. They couldn’t tell the time either” the man said, ceremonially dumping the Rolox in the trash.

The man was quick to point out the gentlemen in question had never seen an actual Rolex watch

“But they couldn’t tell the difference between this one and the other fakes”

The fan’s pit crew and watch mechanic thought they could fix it and send him back out into the living room, but to no avail.

“I’ll switch to the TugHuer probably”

“Or I’ll just use my phone like everyone else”


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