F1 Lewis Hamilton Kids' Club
Image © Lewis Hamilton/Instagram

Newly crowned 5 time world champion Lewis Hamilton is said to be enjoying his two week kids’ club vacation.

“This is AWESOME!” Hamilton said, sipping on a pineapple juice box.

Taking to Instagram to post photos of surfing, golf and his brand new hair braids, Hamilton revealed he’s loving spending time away from the factory at the Clownfish Club for 3-14 year olds.

“Toto said I could stay here all week!!” Hamilton said.

“My favourite parts are probably the finger painting and the balloon animals and making new friends” the 34 year old grown man said, “and the petting zoo was LITERALLY THE BEST!”

Mercedes Head of Motorsport Toto Wolff and his wife Susie are accompanying Lewis, and revealed the three of them are enjoying the break.

“It’s fantastic” Toto said, “Susie and I drop him off at the kids’ club and we go read by the pool”

“Lewis loves to play ‘What’s the time Mr Wolff” Toto said “And I say “It’s 3 weeks til Barcelona testing”

Hamilton even tried his hand at the go karts, reportedly breaking the resort lap record and lapping all the other kids 27 times in the process.

“I was really happy with the setup today” Hamilton said post-race.

“It just flowed. It’s difficult to ever say if it’s your best one, but it felt the most complete lap I’ve ever done possibly.”

“No-one expected that,” Hamilton said. “Little Timmy was really quick all weekend, Millie C was incredibly fast as she always is”

Staff at the Clownfish Club have reported that Hamilton has been sharing excellently with the other kids.

“Except Valtteri” an anonymous child care worker told us.

“Lewis wouldn’t let him anywhere near his toys or championship trophies or Barcelona testing setup data”


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