F1 Kimi Raikkonen Present
Image © Sutton Images/Motorsport Images and Kimi Raikkonen/Instagram

Kimi Raikkonen’s pole position in Monza last year had a lasting effect on many!

The Tifosi rejoiced at a rare Ferrari lock out, the Formula One purists witnessed the fastest lap in F1 history and Raikkonen’s children received a brand new play toy!

Kimi, who’d received the Pirelli Pole Position Award – a novelty sized Pirelli tyre –  deemed it a perfect toy for his two children and handed it to them upon arriving home after his work commitments.

So recently, when Robin Raikkonen turned 4, it’s understood Kimi knew exactly what to get his eldest son.

His 2005 Chinese GP Second Position Trophy!

Briefly captured on Minttu Raikkonen’s Instagram story, Kimi was seen (with sunglasses on) handing his boy the silver plated trophy, before Robin proceeded to spray his fizzy red cordial around in celebration.

“Bwoah” exhaled the birthday boy!

“Bwoah” exhaled his father, as he shook his 4 year old son’s hand.

There were bowahs all round as Robin played with his new toy, and it didn’t take long before the trophy was fighting toy soldiers and squashing bugs in the Raikkonen backyard.

When asked if he liked his present, Robin Raikkonen replied, “obviously.”


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