F1 Midland Fan
Image © Shuttershock

A local F1 fan was left stumped when asked by the F1 Instagram account to choose their dream Midland F1 lineup.

“This is the hardest decision of my life” the dumbfounded fan said, scratching his head.

“I just wish I could choose them both” he said, “and I can!”

Midland, a traditional Formula 1 powerhouse, competed in/rocked up to Formula 1 races from 2006 to 2006.

When prompted to choose his dream two driver Midland lineup, the fan, who does not wish to be named, faced a dilemma

“Do I go Tiago Monteiro and Christijan Albers, or Christijan Albers and Tiago Monteiro?”

“I just don’t know anymore” he said.

“Ask me to choose my favourite Virgin lineup – that’s easier, they had 3 drivers” he said “Spyker, they had 4!”

“For the record – hands down Winkelhock and Yamamoto for Spyker”

However the fan found choosing his favourite Midland lineup a much bigger challenge.

“That’s like trying to choose your favourite child”

The father of 1 wrestled with the decision for several hours, but eventually came to a conclusion

“I just kept scrolling”


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