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22 year old Alex Albon has kept a relatively low profile since landing an F1 seat, however it has been reported that the youngster has already caught the eye of the F1 stewards.

The Toro Rosso driver is the only Instagram user on the 2019 grid without a Ticko Bluo next to his name.

F.I.A officials, baffled at how one of their drivers wasn’t deemed a certified celebrity by the social media platform, immediately sent Mr Albon’s account to the Stewards.

“It’s unacceptable” remarked a softly spoken Charlie Whiting.

“We want our drivers to be fast, safe, and above all – insta-famous”

“We all thought the other Toro Rosso driver would trouble us first…” added a disgruntled steward, whose holiday was cut short.

Mr Albon’s lack of social media fame has also drawn criticism from others in the F1 world.

“It’s a bad look for the sport,” commented the ever-popular Sky Sports pundit Paul di Resta.

Following our investigation, Albon’s management released the following statement:

After a comprehensive review of Mr Albon’s Instagram Account, the stewards identified various factors that could explain the absence of a Blue Tick.

Notably, Alex’s failure to adhere to the 2019 Driver Social Media Regulations.


Section 3: Instagram Code and Conduct

Article 3.1

A driver must make a genuine attempt to post about their affluent, lavish and cushy lifestyle.

  1. Flaunt their extremely attractive partner.
  1. Demonstrate ability to ski.
  2. Take photo with famous friends (preferably skiing).
  3. Evidence you’re being trained by a personal trainer.
  4. Shamelessly promote your very own fashion label.

Mr Albon, although disappointed, accepts his punishment of being required to follow Lewis Hamilton’s Instagram for guidance and will look to enact these regulations in his future posts.

No further action was taken.

We attempted to reach Mr Albon for comment via Instagram, but we weren’t sure which account was really his.


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