F1 Alonso Formula Renault
Image © Richard Dole/LAT Images/Fernando Alonso/Instagram

Fernando Alonso has unveiled the car that will compete for his very own FA Racing team in the 2019 Formula Renault Eurocup.

The fiery Spaniard teased fans on his instagram with selected pictures of the sleak vehicle, that features all the typical specs of a Formula Renault car, including a 6-gear sequential gearbox, front/rear suspension and a carbon fibre chassis.

The single seater also includes an engine specification that Alonso has championed ever since his dark days with McLaren;

Rocket ship power.

Sensationally, the 2-time F1 World Champion has disregarded Formula Renault Regulations and demanded his FA Racing engineers mount a rocket ship on the rear of the vehicle.

Alonso first floated his revolutionary idea during last year’s qualifying at the F1 Hungarian Grand Prix, where he’d clearly had enough of McLaren-Renault’s GP2 engine.

Formula Renault Officials are rumoured to be furious at the Alonso backed team for the blatant breach of regulations and, after much huranging, eventually received a public apology from the motorsport heroin.

“I don’t care.”

Despite Alonso’s heartfelt apology, the B-Spec rocket ship (donated by NASA under the proviso that Alonso will one day drive for them) remains on FA Racing’s Formula Renault car.


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