F1 Alfa Romeo Sauber Tattoo
Image © iStock (Digitally Altered)

The decision to rename Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 Team to Alfa Romeo Racing has had major flow on effects right throughout the paddock.

Undoubtedly the person most affected by the decision is Sauber’s fan, 37 year old Swiss national Quentin Keller.  

Keller was forced to urgently update his neck tattoo of Sauber’s outdated logo to reflect it’s recent rebranding.

“I didn’t want to walk around looking like an idiot” Keller said

“So I’ve added a large Alfa Romeo logo permanently to my neck”

Despite the name and neck change, Keller insist’s in his eyes the team remains unchanged.

“Call it whatever you want, but for me it will always be Sauber. Always. Or BMW Sauber or Alfa Romeo Sauber”

The tattoo of Sauber’s old logo was updated on Saturday.

“It was so painful”

“Not the tattoo – losing the Sauber name from the F1 grid” Keller said, tears streaming down his bleeding neck.

“The tattoo was bloody painful though”

Mind you, it’s not Keller’s sole tattoo, nor is it his sole Sauber tattoo.

“Some people have Schumacher tattoos, some have Hamilton” Keller said

“Not many have Pascal Wehrlein. On their chest”

The tattoo’s also span generations of Sauber drivers.

“I got Kimi Raikkonen on his debut on my left butt cheek, and I’m getting Kimi in 2019 on my right”


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