F1 Renault boy band
Image © Renault F1 Team/Twitter/Greg Williams

Renault F1 Team has made no secrets of their intention to shake things up in 2019.

It’s not just on the track that Renault is looking to get the ahead of the competition though, with images being released on social media that all but confirm F1 has a brand new ‘Boy Band’.  

Photos of Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hulkenberg in matching attire (unconfirmed if made from denim or not) and looking as candid as ever, have sent social media into a frenzy with hearts melting world-wide.

“Omg yasss!!!” Commented a 22 year old female who only follows the ‘hot’ drivers on instagram.

F1 fans are rejoicing, as one of the most exciting team-mate battles of 2019 just got more interesting. It’s rumoured both the Aussie and the German want to be number one driver and number one lead tenor vocalist.

“I’m to Renault what Justin Timberlake is to NSYNC, and Daniel is the Joey Fatone.” Hulkenberg said.

“Nico’s never had a teammate who can hit a falsetto like me.” A spirited Honey Badger TOLD US.

Ricciardo joins the group after a lengthy stint at Red Bull, and a lengthy stint as a solo artist – his last chart topper, Trippin’ Major Nutsack, a crowd favourite.

The Backmarker Boys are the first proper F1 boy band since New Kids on The Timo Glock and Juan Pablo Montoya’s Juan Direction, and are set to release their EP Fourth at Renault’s car launch on Feb 12.

Singles include:

When the Lights Go Out’, ‘Bye Bye Bye’ & ‘I Want It Parc Fermé

We just hope this new venture by Renault doesn’t end up like every other boy band in the history of the music industry…

Auto-tuned songs, an inevitable messy split, and zero Formula One World Championships.


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