F1 Mercedes 2019 W10
Image © US Army (Digitally Altered)

Mercedes have confirmed they are opting for a bold new look in 2019, with leaked images revealing their title contender is literally a tank.

The images come a day after Mercedes teased a new camoflague livery, and show Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas behind the wheel and the semi automatic rifle deploy unit of the W10.

“This car is an absolute weapon!” Lewis Hamilton wrote, “specifically a heavy artillery modern armoured ground warfare weapon”

“Love conquers all” Hamilton said, “but so does a Tank!”

“Just so grateful and blessed – tanks to the guys back at the factory!!” Hamilton wrote on Instagram.

“It still understeers” Bottas pointed out.

Newly appointed Mercedes AMG Lietenant General Toto Wolff conceded it is a change in direction for the 5 time World Champions.

“It is a massive change for us” Wolff agreed “the car is definitely more blue”

“We’ve also simplified the front wing” Wolff said, “by getting rid of the front wing and instead installing a M68A1 105 mm high explosive tank gun”

Wolff responded to comments from fans that the new design appeared to be against regulations.

“We found a loophole” Wolff confirmed.

“Specifically the one we blew through the wall of the FIA building in Paris. We don’t think we’ll be having any more problems.”

Wolff confirmed that initial testing is progressing well.

“It still has a party mode” Wolff confirmed, “but we’ve redefined what we mean by ‘attack mode’”

The tank is a collaboration between Mercedes AMG Petronas, the British Army and Tommy Hilfiger.

The team is busy preparing for their season launch on February 13.

“Get to the chopper!!” Toto Wolff yelled at the marketing team, setting up the event space.



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