F1 Rich Energy Haas 2019
Image © Rich Energy Haas F1 Team/F1

Formula One has it’s first car reveal for 2019 and as predicted, it’s got fans and pundits all over the world talking.

With opinions across social media divided on Haas’ new look, we at the Reserve Drivers would like to, unapologetically, offer ours…

Without question, Haas posses the best looking car on the 2019 grid.

Thus far, we believe Haas boasts the most appealing car, with no other car coming close!

This of course is quite the triumph for a team that has historically been unable to boast anything.

If there’s one thing we love about F1, it’s that there’s always a surprise around the corner, and when Haas revealed the Rich Energy inspired Livery, well, we just didn’t see that coming.

With a shade of black that screams midfield battle, and a touch of gold reminiscent of the trophies they won’t win, this is one car that no other driver will want to mess with… (mainly due to Magnussen driving it).


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