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Ron Waddington (68) was at an extended family gathering over the weekend when he overheard his younger nephews discuss the “heaps cool” life of a Formula One driver.

The Refrigeration Installer for over 30 years, hastily made his way over to the unsuspecting boys, pushing past 89 year old Grandma Cheryl and stubbing his toe on her walking frame.

In an effort to include their jean and runner wearing Uncle, the young boys showed him some pictures from their favourite driver’s instagram.

It’s understood that (after he put on his reading glasses) it only took a few minutes of perusal for Mr Waddington to choke on his double-dipped corn chip.

“Why are they smiling?” spluttered the agitated Refrigeration Installer for over 30 years.

Clearly triggered by the drivers’ luxurious snapshots of ski expeditions and first class flight travel, Waddington seized an opportunity to educate his nephews on how things used to be in Formula One.

“Back in my day, a driver was a driver. They weren’t some flouncy snowflake who smiled.”

“If they smiled they’d get a mouthful of dirt and debris from the car in front!”

“They didn’t have any of this fancy Instagram, or clothing labels, or designer dogs, or seatbelts” Waddington continued, going on and on. “And all they got to eat was dirt and debris”

Progressively turning redder in the face, Waddington engaged his nephews in a one sided conversation that lasted 45 minutes.

It included his right knee injury that prevented him from competitive car racing, how Liberty Media is being controlled by the government and that a monkey could drive the F1 car of today.

The lecture ended due to all three of Waddington’s nephews coincidentally needing to go to the bathroom.


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