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Image © Williams Racing/Mountain Dew (Digitally Altered)

In a matter of hours Williams Racing will not only launch their 2019 car, but will also reveal to the F1 world their brand new title partner – following their recent split from Martini.

There seems to be growing speculation that the battling British team, rich with history yet poor in every other facet of F1, has taken a leaf out of their rivals’ book when it came to signing a new partner.

Worldwide energy drink juggernaut, Mountain Dew.

It’s rumoured that the 10th best team on the grid has joined forces with the 97th best drink in the world*.

Rumours first arose as a Williams’ staffer was spotted drinking a can of Mountain Dew KickStart Energy Drink as he walked into the Grove-based factory.

“No one in their right mind would drink Mountain Dew KickStart unless a substantial sum of money was involved” an inside source confirmed.

Speculation was also rife within the paddock that the 2019 Williams would be painted in Mountain Dew’s signature colours, British racing lime green.

Whilst Deputy Team Principal Claire Williams declined to make comment to British press, a former William’s employee has added more fuel to the hearsay fire.

“Frank was always partial to a Dew’ or two during the glory days.”

Incoming driver Robert Kubica was more circumspect when quizzed by reporters about the speculation.

“I’m pissed off we won’t be getting any free Martini vermouth!’ Kubica moaned, “so I’ll have to settle for cheap soft drink”

The Polish driver, who under the terms of the new sponsorship will go by the name Dew-bica, found a positive in the deal.

“Still, Mountain Dew is the national beverage of Poland” Kubica confirmed.

Newcomer George Russell was slightly more optimistic.

“I’m too young to have Martini” Russell confirmed, “So I am so pumped that Mountain Dew is on board!”

We look forward to the upcoming launch of Williams’ 2019 car, and perhaps their new official name;

“Mountain Dew Williams Formula One Racing Team’, which, admittedly, is less of an eye sore than witnessing a fully grown man drinking a Mountain Dew KickStart Energy Drink.

* A vague Bing Search was conducted.


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