F1 ROKiT Williams Racing
Image © ROKiT Williams Racing/Instagram

F1 fans have been forced into meltdown after Williams announced their new title partner, ROKiT at a launch event on Monday.

Fans immediately turned to Google to get some idea of who this company was, with many online professing to have “never heard of them.”

“What’s a Rokit?” commented one fan.

“I think they’re a vintage clothing streetwear mobile phone speaker company” tweeted another.

As well as a manic confusion, there are some in the F1 Paddock who have taken a more cynical response to the announcement.

“I’m glad I sold those shares” Toto Wolff told us.

“Boy, did I dodge a bullet” Sergey Sirotkin told Russian media.

Though financially backing an upstart mobile phone company who have yet to release a product might seem ill-advised, Deputy Team Principal Clare Williams has defended the decision.

“A company that hasn’t yet produced any recent results is the perfect fit for Williams” Williams told reporters.  

It’s understood that Williams staff are now contractually bound to sever all ties with Apple and will be required to turn in their Apple products at Testing next week.

“Over my dead body!” remarked a low level employee who just purchased a brand new pair of AirPods.


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