F1 Toro Rosso Launch
Image © Scuderia Toro Rosso/YouTube

After enduring months and months without any action, Formula 1 fans were finally treated to a glimmer of hope today in the form of a 59 second screensaver of last year’s Toro Rosso.

“Worth it” wrote one fan on YouTube.

“This will sustain me until Australia” another wrote.

The 3 month wait was justified, as Scuderia Toro Rosso blew fans away with an exciting, engaging, action packed 59 second launch

“Sure, these last three months have been rough” one user wrote, “no racing, no news, forced to spend time with family and friends”

“But the minute, or more accurately the 59 seconds, I saw the wraps come off the 2019 STR14 I said – isn’t that last years car??? WTF???”

Other fans were equally unimpressed.

“What a load of toro shit” one fan wrote.

“Kvyat lasted longer at Red Bull” another commented.

F1 officials however were thrilled with the reaction to the launch.

“This is exactly the sort of online digital content and engagement we’re after” Liberty Media idiot Chris Pritchard told us.

“Why spend money on an exciting launch spectacle in a beautiful location when you can chuck up a one minute clip on YouTube!”

The official launch video, which was made by a guy on the weekend using Windows MovieMaker, showed the STR14 coming togther from a complex animation.

“We also used Microsoft Paint” Toro Rosso’s Head of Digital Content told us.

The drivers are also thrilled with the results.

“I think it looks fantastic” newcome Alexander Albon commented, “I haven’t seen it yet, I’ve added it to my ‘Watch later’ playlist. But I hear it looks sick!”


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