F1 Robert Kubica
Image © ROKiT Williams Racing/Instagram

Following the unveiling of the new title partner, Williams’ driver Robert Kubica has officially changed his name to ROKiT Kubica.

Not only are the smartphone company the new naming rights partner for the team, but they’ve also signed on as the official renaming rights partner for their senior driver.

“ROKiT is Polish for Robert” Kubica told reporters.

“But in every language it means exceptional quality and value in smartphone technology!” ROKiT boasted.

ROKiT, who is in the process of changing his surname to Smartphone, told the press he was more than happy with the move.

“I love my technology, and I’ve been a big fan of ROKiT ever since I googled it at the launch on my iPhone” Smartphone told us.

“Robert is such a great sport” Deputy Team Principal Clare Williams told the press, “not only has he agreed to sacrifice his name, but he’s also started using Rexona deodorant!”.

However, not everyone reacted positively to the announcement.

“Hasn’t he suffered enough??” one paddock insider told us


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