Mercedes F1 Team 2019
Image © Mercedes AMG Petronas/Twitter

After teasing fans last week with a potential camouflage livery, Mercedes have revealed their latest camouflage – their uncamouflaged standard silver livery.

“Camouflage Is So Last Week” the team told reporters.

“It is in fact the ultimate camouflage. A camouflage so well camouflaged it appears to be camouflaged”  

Fans reacted swiftly on social media

“I can’t see the camouflage!” one user wrote.

“That’s because it’s camouflaged!” another replied.  

Fans were also quick to point out another problem with the team’s recently revealed 2019 championship contender.

Having boldly declared on their social media pages “silver is so last season”, the Mercedes unveiled a silver W10 to the world on Wednesday.

“F**k” a Mercedes media manager was heard to shout.

Mercedes were quick to react to the confusion, releasing an official statement.

“Our digital content manager is so last season” the statement reads, as a 22 year old Instagram manager was escorted from the factory.

“Tarquin, it’s James” the team’s strategist said solemnly over team radio as the hipster packed up his bonsai.

Mercedes attempted to explain the confusion.

“We stand by our statement” the statement read.

“That statement was posted on our Twitter and Instagram, but we didn’t make the statement on our official channel – Lewis’ Snapchat”

“But we do stand by the statement. Silver is so last season, and our 2019 challenger the W10 is not silver. Completely

“It’s metallic light grey”


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