F1 McLaren 2019
Image © Shuttershock/McLaren/Twitter

A local Formula 1 fan has treated his long term girlfriend to the most romantic Valentine’s day ever – the launch of the McLaren MCL34.

“Happy McLarentine’s Day Babe!” Sam Reece texted girlfriend of 4 and a half years Laura.

Sam, a self-confessed casanova, even wrote Laura a beautiful poem to mark the occasion:

“Roses are red, the McLaren is Blue. And papaya. Look at the front wing. It’s 7mm wider!”

The night started that morning, as Sam teased his beloved by texting, “I’ve organised a special surprise later on…”

Laura had a few ideas of what it could be.

“I thought it might be a night out on the town, maybe a show, maybe dinner at the new restaurant I’ve been dying to go to!” Laura told us.

She received another text from Sam, which read “All will be revealed later darling… at 12:00pm GMT”

Arriving after work in a brand new Stella McCartney dress, Laura was surprised to find Sam unshaven, tracksuits on watching YouTube on his laptop.

“What the f**k??” Laura yelled.

“I know” He said,

“I don’t like the racing suits either, but have a look at the car!” Sam said, pointing to Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz.

Laura stood there in shock as the covers were pulled off the new papaya and blue MCL34.

Seconds later a second car was revealed – a papaya Honda Civic uber x, escorting Laura and her bottle of Prosecco to the home of her personal trainer, Lorenzo.

Sam was left reeling as he attempted to make sense of what just happened.

“I even subscribed to the the Sky Sports Premium Account…” he whimpered.

The couple confirmed via Facebook they have since split.

“Lauren wanted me to be a Carlos Sainz, but all I could give her was a Zak Brown, and that clearly wasn’t enough.” he posted


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