Scuderia Ferrari F1 2019
Image © Scuderia Ferrari

Four lucky Ferrari fans have lived every Formula 1 lover’s dream, winning tickets to the Scuderia Ferrari season launch on Friday.

The lucky prize winners each found one of four golden tickets to visit the magical Scuderia Ferrari factory in Maranello.

“This is so cool!!” said young fan Charles, “I CAN’T BELIEV WE ACTUALLY GET TO GO INSIDE!”

The most deserving and pure in heart of the winners, Charles was a poor boy who grew up in a dilapidated luxury apartment in Monaco. He joined the three other winners, Sebastian from Germany, Mattia from Italy and some other guy from somewhere to enjoy front row seats as the Scuderia unveiled their SF90.

“We got lots of free stuff and a show bag and a 2019 driving contract” Charles said.

Sebastian from Germany explained how he found his golden ticket.

“There was something loose between my legs” he told us.

Sebastian from Germany is a serial competition winner, having won this exact competition for the last 5 years

“The only thing I can’t win at Ferrari is a world championship!” the young German said.

At the end of the tour, young Mattia from Italy was chosen by the mysterious Maurizio Arrivabene to run the factory.

“I get to be Team Principal for a day!”

That role was eventually extended, Binotto doing such a good job that senior officials installed him in the position permanently, replacing Maurizio Arrivabene.


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