Red Bull F1 2019 Livery
Image © Aston Martin Red Bull Racing

Having revealed a special red and blue testing livery last week, Aston Martin Red Bull have thrilled fans by revealing yet another special livery – the exact same livery they’ve used every year since ever.

“It’s a definite break with tradition!” Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner told reporters in Barcelona.

“This is the first time we’ve used a design like this since 2018”

The team had been inundated by requests from fans to maintain their red and blue testing livery into the season.

“And I want to tell our millions of fans – we’ve listened!” Horner told us “and we’ve ignored!”

However Horner had some good news for fans who preferred the testing livery.

“You’ll only see this red, blue and yellow livery for the first 21 rounds of the season” Horner confirmed,  “for the next 5 years”

Team Principal Horner shared the inspiration behind the RB15’s design.

“For us, the design stage is a two step process” Horner told us

“Copy and paste”

Driver Max Verstappen wasn’t convinced at first, but admits the RB15’s livery is growing on him.

“When the designers said they were going for a matte blue, red and yellow theme, I wasn’t sure” Max Verstappen told reporters, “but now I’m sold”


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