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A casting sheet for the recently announced F1 Netflix documentary series has been leaked online, and some of our favourite actors are set to play some of our favourite drivers.

Most notably, the role of Sebastian Vettel will be played by Meryl Streep in Formula 1: Drive To Survive.

“I’m truly thrilled and honoured,” the 21 time Oscar nominated actress wrote,

“I’ve had many roles, but I’ve never been a Ferrari World Champion before!”

At least they’ve got that in common.

“She’s such a great performer” an industry insider told us, “but she’ll have to perform poorly towards the end of the doco”

Streep is also set to play the German driver in a separate musical telemovie of the 2018 season, Mamma Mia: Grazzie Ragazzi

This series will no doubt focus on the intense rivalry between Vettel and Lewis Hamilton, who will be played by popular child actor Jaden Smith.

Will Smith will cameo as himself and draw upon all the flag waving and occasional camera work he did last year.

The role of Valtteri Bottas will be played by a background extra, while hottest star in Hollywood Rami Malek plays hottest thing in Formula 1 Charles Leclerc

Alec Baldwin will channel his own experiences of wanting to headbutt someone, when he plays Max Verstappen in his stoush with Esteban Ocon (Gerard Depardieu).

Legendary actor Harrison Ford will take on the complex character that is Kimi Raikkonen in the series.

“Bwoah” the Finn said upon hearing the news.

“Bwoah” the star of Indiana Jones told reporters.

Rumours yet to be officially confirmed include Arnold Schwarzenegger as Toto Wolff, Chevy Chase as Chase Carey and A-digitally-manipulated-to-get-the-Michael-Corleone-look Al Pacino as Antonio Giovinazzi

The series also features Leonardo Di Caprio as Paul Di Resta, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as Bernie Ecclestone and The kid who plays Young Sheldon as Lance Stroll.

Formula 1: Drive To Survive premieres March 8 on Netflix.



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