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Image © Artes Max/Flickr/Netflix

Yesterday Formula 1 and Netflix revealed details of a brand new 10 part documentary series, Formula 1: Drive to Survive.

Today, Williams confirmed it wouldn’t appear in the documentary until at least halfway through episode 3.

“We weren’t ready in time” Deputy Team Principal Claire Williams told reporters.

“Sir Frank didn’t know what Netflix was” Williams confirmed, “let alone get it on his tele”

“We’re waiting on a part to come from the factory – a chromecast or Apple TV for him. But there’s been a scheduling error”

“Obviously it’s not ideal” Williams confirmed, “but we’re completing an initial inquiry into what went wrong, and how we can address it”

“Unfortunately that inquiry is also 2 and a half days late, so I got no clue” Claire said.

Netfix fans around the world were left reeling from the announcement

“I would’ve skipped their bits anyway” one fan told us.

The team had aimed to be in episode 1, but earlier released a press release outlining their plans to begin in episode 3.

The documentary series covers all the action from the 2018 season, or as Williams calls it, “the glory year”

“2018 was a really challenging year for us” Williams confirmed

“I say was, I mean still is – Sergey still hasn’t finished his Chinese Q1 lap yet”

However, in a rare piece good news for the team, Netflix confirmed viewers will be able to watch the series on their 3D ROKiT phones.


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