Sky Sports F1 Ted Kravitz
Image © Sky Sports F1 (Digitally Altered)

Sky Sports F1 launched their 2019 broadcast with a rousing video, which featured all the familiar faces of the channels team. All but one…

Pitlane reporter, Ted Kravitz.

The notable absence of the popular presenter has sparked widespread rumours that the ‘Abbott to David Croft’s Costello’, has been sacked by Sky Sports F1.

“I tuned in to just to watch Ted” one user wrote, “the cars were just a bonus.”

“How are Croft and Brundle going to miss critical parts of the race now?”

“Who’s going to annoy the pit crew?”

With no official confirmation from Sky Sports, it seems Kravitz has taken matters into his own hands and has been spotted chaining himself to the Silverstone Pitlane.

“Good luck getting rid of me!” hysterically laughed the presenter, swallowing the key.

Seen aggressively scribbling in his famous notebook, Kravitz was also hurling some choice expletives at new Sky Recruit Jenson Button.

“Aside from his looks, age and charismatic articulation, what’s that @&#%&^@  got that I don’t?” asked Kravitz of the 2008 F1 World Champion.

“Also, if Sky wants to sack me, they should have the common decency to do it properly… via Crofty.”

If the rumours are true, we can expect to see Ted and his notebook on the 2019 season of “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.” which also happens to be what every driver thinks whilst in a Kravitz interview.


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