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The Reserve Drivers can exclusively reveal iconic singer songwriter Lenny Kravitz is joining Sky Sports F1’s 2019 coverage.

Kravitz looks set to replace his brother and former pit lane reporter Ted Kravitz, after Sky Sports aired a promo in which Ted was mysteriously absent.

The Bahamian-American singer, songwriter and record producer told us exclusively that he was delighted with the news, and was looking forward to joining the Formula 1 circuit.

“That’s dope man” Lenny told us.

“I can’t wait to be reporting from mosh-pit lane”

The Fly Away singer said he was “keeping it real”, and that he understands the seriousness of the pit lane reporter role – to bring viewers into the action and up to speed on technical rules and regulations.

“The only rule I care about – is love” Kravitz told us, “and the simplified front wings, those are critical”

Kravitz is a keen Formula 1 fan, and has kept a close eye on testing this week, in particular the progress of Charles Leclerc at Ferrari.

“Who?” Kravitz told us

Kravitz wouldn’t be drawn on whether he had a favourite team or driver.

“To me, they are just all beautiful creative souls expressing themselves through their driving”

“But I will be sending positive vibes to my man Lewis” Kravitz told us.

“Right back at you LK” Lewis’ social media team wrote on Instagram.

Meanwhile Ted Kravitz is using this time in reverse, choosing to work on his collection of songs for his debut album – Ted Kravitz is Down In Pit Lane For Us: Songs From The Notebook.


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