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Williams drivers Robert Kubica and George Russell are using the second week of F1 testing to solidify plans to tunnel out of the Williams garage.

While the team worked late into the night preparing the car for testing, Kubica and Russell were ankle deep in muck as they made their way out through underground sewage pipes.

The Reserve Drivers can exclusively confirm the reason the team missed the first few testing sessions wasn’t a delay in bringing parts onto the car, but bringing the drivers back into the garage.

“We got halfway out before Claire called us” Russell told us.

“Curse those ROKiT phones”

Undeterred, and under turd, Russell and Kubica have instead vowed to continue their plans into week 2 of testing.

“We were going to start tunnelling out again tonight” Russell told reporters, “but the shovels weren’t ready in time from the factory”

“No one will wonder why we aren’t on track” Kubica said, “we haven’t been on track to begin with”

Kubica dismissed speculation his arm, previously injured in a rally crash, was causing problems.

“Not at all” Kubica confirmed, “I can use a shovel and dig pain free”

The former Williams test driver Kubica revealed he spent the entire 2018 season drawing up plans for a tunnel out of the teams garage.

“I started working on the 2019 tunnell development halfway through 2018”

“Given the new regulations, that tunnels have to be wider so they are easier to follow into, we’ve been working on this for sometime”

“We spent a lot of time in the wind tunnel, wondering “how can we dig a tunnel this big??”


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