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This year, Sky Sports owners will have to fork out an extra £10 a month to watch Formula One on the new and exclusive ‘Sky Sports F1’ channel.

The announcement has been met with overwhelming anger by fans, leaving the ‘Corporate Big Wigs’ at Sky perplexed.

“Fans get live coverage of their favourite sport for the price of bottled milk. What’s so bad about that?”

The hostile reaction isn’t just a result of the £10 price tag, but the fine print Sky Sports have conveniently made no mention of.

As one Facebook user explains:

“What they’re not telling you is that it’s an extra charge on your already existing Sky package!!”

“So it’s £10 on top of the £45 a month I pay already for Basic Sky…”

“… And when you take in the cost of the satellite antenna installation, the new Q-Led Smart Samsung TV I had to buy, and the accompanying Bose Atmos Surround Sound System, I’m down by £3500… What a scam.”

Sky Sports Executives have been quick to explain the thinking behind their new offer.

“It’s our understanding that consumers will gladly pay extra to watch a sport that was once televised for free.” Sky Executives told us.

“With names like Di Resta, Davidson and Herbert, we think the add-on fee is more than justified.”

Whilst many believe Sky have failed to acknowledge the changing nature of how people now consume sports and entertainment, contemporist Martin Brundle has defended his employer.

“I don’t know too many people who have this Netflix thing, so I don’t think it’s as popular as you think.”

With Sky Sports anticipating a rise in sales, we anticipate a rise in visits to websites like http://HotStarVIPSportFreeOnlineStreamLocker/


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