Pierre Gasly Red Bull Crash
Image © formula1.com/Daily GP

Throughout the two weeks of pre-season testing, the RB15 has crashed into the barriers multiple times and on each occasion, Red Bull’s newest driver was at the wheel.

“I won’t be the second driver at Red Bull” Gasly insisted throughout the offseason, and despite the recent hiccups at Barcelona, it seems the Frenchman still believes that’s the case.

“Max crashes too…” Gasly told reporters.

He went on to explain that his most recent crash at testing wasn’t actually as disastrous as many thought.

“Testing is an opportunity to unlock the real potential of the car…”

“No better way to do that than have it smashed into individual pieces… that’s real telemetry!

Red Bull, in typical Red Bull fashion, were quick to defend their driver and reiterate their equal driver stance.

Christian Horner and Dr Helmut Marko made comment, respectively.

“Aside from the 55 race, 22 podium and 641 point differential, Max and Pierre will be treated as equals.”

“History tells you that we’ve always treated our drivers the same…”

Asked if Verstappen’s flawless run at testing was worrying him, a defensive Gasly made mention that the team mate battle isn’t just on the race track.

“I beat him at FIFA, sometimes…”

Team Max however, weren’t having a bar of Gasly’s equal driver assertion.

“That’s cute,” laughed Jos Verstappen, void of smile.

Whilst Pierre will desperately try to establish himself as the top driver for Red Bull, there is something he take comfort in…

He’s definitely the ‘Number 1’ Driver who’s French, under the age of 30 and races for one of the top 3 teams… at least until 2020, when Ocon takes Bottas’ seat.


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