Valentino Rossi Lewis Hamilton
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Mercedes head of strategy James Vowles has again been forced to intervene to protect Lewis Hamilton, this time with a legendary MotoGP champion.

“Valentino, It’s James”

A keen motorbike rider, Hamilton was watching Rossi test his bike ahead of the Qatar MotoGP.

But when Lewis decided he wanted to ride instead of the 7-time Champion, it was left to Vowles to step in.

“Let Lewis on please Valentino” Vowles said over team radio

“Please give up your position to Lewis” the strategist insisted.

“I understand, I’m sorry”

A confused Rossi wasn’t sure what to make of the radio message.

“Who dis?” Rossi replied.

The MotoGP champion became quite agitated, insisting the move would rob him of critical testing miles, forcing Vowles to issue this apology.

“I HAVE thrown away the test today, but you have the potential opportunity to get back up. Just let Lewis have a go. We trust in you and believe in you. I’m sorry”

Eventually the message got through and Italian champion complied.

“Copy Giacomo” Rossi replied.


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