Roscoe Hamilton F1
Image © YouTube/Chemical Brothers/VEVO/LewisHamilton

In a groundbreaking new collaboration, F1 has joined forces with UK band The Chemical Brothers to release their song “We’ve Got To Try.”

The song features the electronic stylings of the duo, and an accompanying music video which stars a dog driving a Formula One car.

The video sees the white canine setting out to achieve the impossible, and whilst many are applauding the unique casting from the creators, others are not.

Roscoe Hamilton, pet bulldog of Mercedes Driver Lewis Hamilton is reportedly absolutely ropable at not being asked to feature in the clip.

“Roscoe’s so devastated… ” Hamilton explained on behalf of his instafamous pet.

“It’s such a dog move.” he further sulked.

It’s believed Roscoe hasn’t been himself since the snub, with those who look after the dog when Hamilton is away, voicing their concern.

“He’s hardly played with any of his toys… even the ones that Lewis has thrown out of the pram over the years.” said Roscoe’s trainer.

“He hasn’t eaten any of his dog food… even the plant-based stuff Lewis gives him.” said Roscoe’s feeder.

“He’s biting everything… even the custom made Timmy Hilfiger Doggy Jacket that Lewis designed for him.” said Roscoe’s dresser.

Hamilton, who stated his dog wants to just “move on”, took one last swipe at both F1 executives and The Chemical Brothers.

“All I’m saying is that Drake or Justin would have got Roscoe involved.”

Roscoe Hamilton, as he proceeded to defecate, offered the final word.



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