F1 Netflix Troll
Image © Shuttershock/Netflix

A prolific social media troll, who wishes to remain nameless, has revealed that since watching F1: Drive to Survive, he regrets the many years he’s spent cyber-bullying F1 drivers.

“I’ve let myself and my family down…” he said, solemnly.

Such was the harrowing internal reflection that the man has decided to retire from Professional Formula One Trolling.

“It’s time to hang up the keyboard…”

‘Mr X’ cites the in-depth, intimate and exclusive footage shared in the Netflix series as the catalyst for change.

“Well, it turns out Esteban Ocon is actually an alright guy…” he said, shamefully.

“… And I never knew Kevin Magnussen was capable of smiling.”

The troll claims he’s begun his repentive journey by ‘DM-ing’ the drivers that were his prime targets in recent years.

“Grosjean was always an easy one.”

“You can count on Max throwing away a win every now and then.”

“And, I’ve sent some pretty strong stuff to Brendon Hartley… involving sheep.” he admitted.

It’s reported the ‘Formula One Social Media Troll Committee’ are angry at their former member for his recent defection.

“He’s a true coward” tweeted @LewisISaBaBY44.

“Where’s his backbone?! #Spineless” commented @IWillStoffelYourVandoorne69

The Reserve Driver’s support Mr X’s decision as we strongly believe that if there’s one thing F1 could do without, it’s troll accounts searching for an easy laugh at the expense of a driver…


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