Mercedes F1 2019 AusGP
Image © Shuttershock/Motorsport Week

A local UK man breathed a sigh of relief as the team that literally wins everything convincingly took the honours during the opening practice sessions of the season.


“That was close! Well it wasn’t, but that’s the point”

Nick Hilton was relieved as Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas took a comfortable lead for Mercedes over their nearest rivals during FP1 and FP2 in Melbourne.

“For a minute there I thought we could have a three way fight on our hands”

“But I think what we all want this year as F1 fans is another repeat of the last 5 years of dominance and predictability”

Hilton revealed he’s been following Formula 1 for years.

“I’m a diehard F1 FAN” Hilton told us “ever since 2014”

But Hilton admitted there are races he finds harder to enjoy.

“I hate it when there’s a tight tussle at the top”

“I fall asleep during those races” Hilton said.

“The races that excite me the most are the ones without racing, where Lewis starts on pole and wins 2 hours later”

Hilton confirmed he’ll be in Melbourne for the opening round of the season.

“I can’t wait to watch Hamilton win on Sunday!” Hilton told us

“And the next Sunday, and the next Sunday, and the-“


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