Williams F1 2019
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In an extraordinary bombshell, ROKiT Williams Racing have been fined $5000 for the unsafe release of Robert Kubica and George Russell into Q1.

The FIA handed down the fine after Williams opted to release it’s cars onto the track for qualifying at the Australian Grand Prix.

“It’s incredibly dangerous” an FIA spokesperson said.

“Formula 1 cars go really, really fast, so to send those two out there into qualifying in such a slow car – they were sitting ducks”

The stewards found the team in breach of article 23.13 (a) of the FIA Formula One Sporting Regulations.

“The release forced the other drivers to brake suddenly to avoid a horrible accident” the spokesperson told us.

“We’re lucky nothing serious went wrong, or we could be telling a very different story”

“Next time – they should stay in the garage. It’s much safer there”

The team argued that they did have genuine pace, and had in actual fact been sandbagging the entire weekend.

Williams confirmed they had received the fine and had been in communication with the FIA.

“We can’t afford it” Deputy Team Principal Claire Williams told us.

“So I had to sell my ROKiT phone”  Williams confirmed, holding back tears.

“Can I borrow your phone?”


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