Valtteri Bottas F1 Lewis Hamilton
Image © AP/Reuters

Valtteri Bottas has secured his first race victory for Mercedes Motorsport since 2017 in a dominant display at Albert Park, Australia.

The F1 officials have announced that along with receiving the re-introduced ‘Fastest Lap’ Bonus Point, the Fin was awarded an extra extra point.

“Any driver who beats or prevents Lewis Hamilton from finishing P1, will now receive an additional driver championship point.” Ross Brawn confirmed.

“To get not 25, not 26, but 27 points… That’s a career highlight for me.” said Bottas.

“I’ve never seen Lewis do that.” he added.

The decision to award the extra extra bonus point is the latest attempt by F1 to rid the sport of it’s predictability.

“Apparently a vast majority of fans don’t enjoy Hamilton winning all the time.” Bernie Ecclestone said.

“So hopefully this will give drivers the incentive they need to beat him.” he added, scornfully.

Whilst Bottas’ victory meant a Hamilton loss, the early signs of yet more Mercedes dominance in the 2019 has sent Formula One HQ into meltdown.

Chief Executive Chase Carey told reporters that he and his team are at their wits end in coming up with ways to make the season unpredictable again.

“We’ve thought about an extra extra extra point for ‘Slowest Lap’, or even an extra extra extra extra point for ‘If Your Team Name Doesn’t Rhyme With Fur-Babies’…”

“We’re getting desperate,” he conceded.

“We’ve even contemplated giving Kvyat an extra extra extra extra extra point if he Torpedo’s a Merc on Lap 1.”

Hopefully they do something, because we don’t know if we can take another year of Mercedes being extra extra extra better than everyone else.


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