Pierre Gasly Daniil Kvyat
Image © REUTERS/Albert Gea/File Photo/Toro Rosso (Digitally Altered)

The opening race of the F1 season saw Red Bull’s Pierre Gasly finishing P11, behind Toro Rosso’s Daniil Kvyat in P10.

Gasly tried his best to pass the Russian driver, with multiple overtake attempts throughout the race, however was continuously unsuccessful.

In breaking news, it appears the Frenchman was still unable to pass Kvyat at the official post race after party.

Leaked online footage exposed Gasly as he tried to overtake Daniil in what looked to be a line of some sort.

The young driver was quick to clarify the controversial ordeal.

“I went for it down the line to the mens urinal, but Daniil moved twice and blocked me!”

“I was busting,” he added.

Red Bull Racing have since reported and removed the videos, however sources reveal that the toilet line wasn’t the only sector at the party that Gasly tried to launch one.

“I saw him dummy left and right at the line to the bar.” a VIP fan disclosed.

“But Kvyat had the serving line, so ordered his White Russian first.”

“They went shoulder to shoulder by the Caviar Platter,” a Steward divulged.

“But Daniil got his elbows out and held position.”

We tried to contact Kvyat, however as a result of claiming his first F1 points in 2 years, putting on a defensive driving masterclass and not losing his seat (yet), we suspect he’s had more than just one White Russian.


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