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In the wake of another shocking home Grand Prix, Renault’s Daniel Ricciardo has officially applied for Bahraini Citizenship.

“I want another chance at a home race” Ricciardo said in Arabic.

“Everytime I race down under it stuffs up, so I’ve got two options” Ricciardo confirmed.

“Work week in week out back at the factory to develop the car, the engine and to better understand the areas we need to improve” he said

“Or brush up on my Arabic”

Ricciardo said he had long wanted to reconnect with his Bahraini heritage, but had been waiting for the perfect opportunity.

“That presented itself 5 seconds into the race losing my front wing”

Renault’s new recruit scoffed at suggestions the move was unfounded, surprising many by confirming his historic links to the country.  

Ricciardo revealing that his Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather on his Great Great Great Great Great Grandmother’s side was 1/75th Bahraini.

“Doesn’t get more Arabic than ‘Ricciardo’!” Ricciardo said.

“Sure I was born in Australia, grew up in Australia and have family and friends and a lifetime of memories in Australia”

“But deep down – I’ll always be Bahraini. At least while I’m at Renault”

The former Aussie admitted he was feeling nervous ahead of his home grand prix.

“I can’t wait to put on a good show for the home fans” Ricciardo said.

“It’ll be great to see so many fellow countrymen and women come out to meet me, quite literally” Ricciardo said.

Ricciardo also confirmed that, should this second chance home race also go terribly, he is halfway through the Chinese Citizenship Test.

“If all else fails, I’ve always got my Azerbaijani Passport!”


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