George Russell F1
Image © George Russell/Instagram

George Russell’s driving woes have continued, with the young Brit struggling on the golf course.

After struggling to drive the Williams FW42 in Australia, Russell has struggled to drive the Titlelist FW42 on the front 9.

“Driving is really hard” Russell told onlookers, shanking another ball.

Russell was using a special Williams edition driver, designed by Paddy Lowe, at a charity golf day, raising money for Williams’ 2019 season.

“It’s an absolute handful” Russell confirmed.

“There’s no grip at all – I keep letting go and flinging the stick into the clubhouse windows!”

To rub further salt into the wound, Russell was forced to drive a Williams powered golf buggy.

“I ended up 4 hours behind the main pack” Russell confirmed.

“They lapped me on hole 7!”

“Still, it was faster than what I had in Australia” Russell conceded.

More to come


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