Bahrain GP DRS Zones
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Formula One announced the introduction of a third DRS zone at Bahrain International Circuit for the upcoming race.

It’s left us wondering… Only 3?

How do F1 officials expect drivers to overtake, when only around 80% of the track is now a DRS zone?

Quite frankly, it’s not enough.

If F1 officials want to give fans the spectacle of thrilling overtakes and wheel-to-wheel racing, then they need to introduce a fourth, a fifth or even a 6th DRS zone in Sakhir.

Some in the F1 community are even calling for more drastic measures.

“Make it 100% DRS.” Williams pleaded, “but just for us.”

The decision to add a third (and hopefully still counting) DRS zone on the track has been met with mixed reviews.

“It won’t help…” chuckled Antonio Giovinazzi, who’s still getting in the way of everyone.

“Great idea!” said Ferrari,

“Now can they also give us a few extra weeks, so we can try and find our pace?”

Irrespective of what the drivers and teams think, DRS zones categorically make for better racing, and a mere 3 DRS zones in Bahrain, is embarrassing.

I think we can all agree that there’s no better sight in F1, than when a car is able to breeze past another car with no challenge whatsoever.

That’s racing, and the more DRS zones, the better.


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