F1 Lewis Hamilton Wave
Image © PA/GQ (Digitally Altered)

Lewis Hamilton is many things.

A race car driver, a fashion mogul, a plant based athlete and, after his heroic efforts at the Bahrain GP, a knight.

Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth officially confirmed Sir Lewis Hamilton as the latest knight of the British realm for services to slight finger raises seen on slow motion replays.

Citing Hamilton’s selfless contribution to the practice of being blessed, Her Majesty knighted Sir Lewis with her sword.

“Don’t stab the suit” Hamilton cautioned the Queen, “It’s a TOMMYXLEWIS”

Speaking after the Bahrain knight race, Hamilton told Queen Elizabeth how sorry he felt for Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc.

“I feel so bad for Charles, I really do” Hamilton said clutching his champagne soaked trophy, googling the championship standings for a 17th time.

“No one loves a pointless effortless wave more than me” Her Majesty told Lewis.

Hamilton isn’t the first driver to receive a knighthood – Sir Jackie Stewart, Sir Stirling Moss and Sir Paul Di Resta spring to mind.

Lewis was relatively relaxed about meeting the royal.

“She’s no Will Smith” Hamilton told reporters.

“In fact I’m half expecting Her Majesty to rip off a rubber face mask to reveal Will yelling “Surprise!””

Will Smith later confirmed he will be attending the Palace ceremony, in his official role as the Fresh Prince.

In the same ceremony, Her Majesty accidentally chopped off Sebastian Vettel’s head, adding further insult to injury after what was a terrible weekend.

“I had to come in for a new front head” Vettel confirmed.


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