F1 Sebastian Vettel Bahrain Grand Prix 2019
Image © F1TV

Sebastian Vettel managed to find a positive on a dark day for the Scuderia, picking up a point for the Fastest Loop at the Bahrain Grand Prix.

“I need all the points I can get” a desperate Vettel told the press.

Off the pace and already behind in the Championship, Vettel confirmed he will be focussing 100% on fastest loops.

The German confirmed the spin was deliberate, and forms part of the Scuderia’s Mission Spinnow program.

With 19 races remaining in the season, the German is optimistic there’s no reason why he can’t take home the remaining 19 points for Fastest Loops.

“Sure, I’m missing out on 475 potential points” Vettel said, “but we know where we’re fighting”

The 31 year old was quick to shoot down the idea that he’s let the pressure get to him.

“You can’t choke if you’re never in front.”

“We’re really happy with Sebastian’s race” Ferrari Team Principal Mattia Binotto told the Italian press.

“We saw his race spiralling out of control, and thought that’s exactly what we wanted him to do”

Ferrari weren’t the only team going for the fastest loop point, with championship leaders Mercedes considering making a move.

“We thought about pitting Valtteri to put on a set of really really really used softs” Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff told us.

“But Sebastian put in a really really fast spin”

Many have questioned whether the Ferrari veteran’s has what it takes to still drive at the top level, but the Scuderia were keen to defend their driver.

“No one is more dedicated than Sebastian,” Vettel’s engineer Ricardo Adami assured the press.

“He spent countless hours in the off-season in the Spin-ulator” he added.


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