Fernando Alonso McLaren Indy
Image © McLaren/Instagram/Formula1.com

McLaren have officially launched the car they hope will keep Fernando Alonso busy until he wants to come back to F1.

The team launched the Indy 500 car that Alonso hopes will land him the coveted Triple Crown, which has been inspired by the car that has so far lead McLaren to zero crowns in 2019.

“It’s inspired by our 0-race winning MCL34” McLaren head-honcho Zak Brown said., “but it also takes inspiration from our 2018 dud as well”

Unveiling the papaya and blue car Brown was tickled pink on what he described as a red letter day for his golden boy.

“Fernando will BE right at home in the car that looks just like the one THAT made him WANT TO leave Formula 1”

Alonso will race with the Number 66, representing not just his age, but the number of laps he missed with engine failures driving for McLaren in 2018.

“It’s actually a tribute to McLaren’s first retirement” Brown confirmed.

Alonso was on hand to unveil the car, and we asked him how he was feeling ahead of his Indy500 bid.

“Mate you need to speak up because it’s long press conference and you are already losing the energy” Alonso replied.

Fernando was also asked about the difference between driving an F1 car and his new Indy challenger.

“The engine feels good. Much slower than before” he replied.


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