F1 1000th Grand Prix
Image © AP (Digitally Altered)

As fans prepare to celebrate Formula 1’s 100th race this weekend in China, there’s a bigger milestone that’s capturing the imagination of fans around the world:

Bernie Ecclestone’s 1000th Birthday.

“It’s funny, I don’t feel a day over 88” the former Formula 1 supremo told us.

Many of Eccelestone’s Formula 1 friends reached out with words of celebration and congratulations.  

“What do you get the man who owned everything?” F1’s Ross Brawn asked us.

“Seriously tho??? I need to find a gift by Sunday” Brawn stressed.

Liberty Media’s Chase Carey, who took over from Ecclestone, revealed he’s planning an incredibly thoughtful birthday surprise for Bernie.

“We’re giving him what he’s always wanted – a percentage of the television and broadcast rights agreement”

Local Chinese fans are expected to turn out in their thousands to catch a glimpse of Mr Ecclestone.

“He’s a rockstar!” screaming local teenage fans told us.

“He’s our Justin Bieber!” said one eager Ecclestoner.

Local fans in China waited at the airport for over 4 hours for the arrival of Mr Ecclestone.

“He’s the one we’ve come to see!” said a local fan, who had camped out since Monday.

“I want him to sign my 1981 Concorde Agreement”


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