Ferrari Fuel F1 Chinese Grand Prix
Image © Ferrari Media/Rich Energy

Red Bull Racing’s Dr Helmut Marko and Christian Horner have confirmed a rumour swirling around in the paddock – that Ferrari’s 2019 Shell Fuel tastes better than Rich Energy. 

Marko and Horner confirmed that Ferrari’s fuel smells like “grapefruit and strawberry”

“With floral notes” Dr Marko confirmed. 

“It’s full bodied, crisp, sweet with fruity flavours” Horner added. 

The two took a swipe at Red Bull’s rival, mysterious fake energy drink-energy drink Rich Energy. 

“At least we know what Ferrari fuel smells like” Horner said. 

“And you can buy Shell fuel” Dr Marko added, telling us he’s already ordered a 6-pack of petrol cans from Shell. 

However, Rich Energy founder William Storey has strongly refuted Red Bull’s claims. 

“You cannot say Ferrari fuel tastes better than Rich Energy” Storey mumbled from behind his beard. 

“No ones ever tasted Rich Energy!”

Rich Energy Haas Team Principal Guenther ‘The Gunt’ Steiner wouldn’t comment on the rumours.

“There is no way I’m drinking that toxic dangerous chemical” Steiner said, “or the fuel”

It comes as Shell confirmed they’ll be handing out icy-cold cans of fuel trackside and in the marquees to celebrate Formula 1’s 1000th race. 

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc confirmed the great tasting fuel. 

“I drink it everyday” Leclerc told us, “it’s fuel for the car and the body”

“If we win, I’ll take a drink of fuel from my shoe!” Leclerc revealed. 


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